E4C ( Evolution 4 Coaches ) is an app designed to perform coach behaioural analisys during training sessions and matches.

Allows you to monitor more than 30 behavioural parameters , verbal or otherwise, that the coach can show during his performance on the field.

The final report allows the coach to have a quantitative profile of his behaviors, and the exact playing time  associated to each specific behaviour so  they can revise and rework its video performance .

Each parameter detected by video analysis must be interpreted in relation to specific goal that coach want to achieve during the training session or match , to the age of the players or the learning phase of the team. In this way the analyst do not provide a list of behaviors to the coach “right” or “wrong” but rather an analysis of the ” functionality ” of its behavior in order to achieve specific goals.

The behavioral analysis does not take into consideration the technical skills level of the coach but focuses on the ways in which these skills are transferred to the players.

The term “ behavioral analysis ” refers to the science that studies the laws wich govern human behavior. The application of these discoveries in sports psychology improve the performance and increase the level of satisfaction of athletes and coaches during the practice of their sport .

From the 70’s of last century , in the United States , it was developed a line of research aimed to study the behavior of the coaches and the influence of this aspect on increasing the performance of athletes. In almost 50 years of study and application in the field were identified behavioral aspects that determine the effectiveness of the performance of the coach in relation to the performances of the athletes.

The advent of modern video and scouting technologies have allowed us to have the tools more effective and precise to detect behavioral variables .

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